11 Best Platforms to Stream All NFL Games Live in 2023!

The NFL, a cornerstone of American sports, has seen a seismic shift in its viewership patterns. With the decline of traditional TV, online platforms have emerged as the go-to for fans worldwide. This evolution has brought flexibility, variety, and a new era of NFL game streaming.

The Landscape of NFL Streaming

Watching out-of-market NFL games has always posed challenges. However, the recent decade-long deals between the NFL and television networks have reshaped the landscape, offering fans myriad ways to stay connected with their favorite teams.

The Role of Antennas in NFL Streaming

While online platforms are gaining traction, traditional antennas shouldn’t be overlooked. They offer a cost-effective way to catch local games broadcasted on channels like CBS, NBC, and Fox. With a one-time investment, fans can enjoy crystal-clear HD broadcasts without any monthly fees.

Challenges in NFL Streaming

Despite the plethora of options, streaming NFL games isn’t without its challenges. Blackout restrictions, geographical limitations, and varying broadcast rights can often lead to confusion. Additionally, the quality of streams can vary, with factors like internet speed playing a crucial role.

Optimizing the Streaming Experience

For the best streaming experience, fans should ensure a stable and high-speed internet connection. Investing in quality hardware, like 4K TVs and sound systems, can further enhance the viewing experience. Additionally, using Ethernet connections over Wi-Fi can lead to more stable streams.

Comprehensive Guide to NFL Streaming Platforms

With a plethora of options available, here’s a deep dive into the top platforms for streaming NFL games:

10. YouTube TV

Emerging as the new home for the NFL Sunday Ticket, YouTube TV offers an unparalleled experience. Not only does it allow fans to watch every out-of-market NFL Sunday game, but it also promises to rectify the technical issues that plagued previous providers. However, quality comes at a price, with packages ranging from $349 to $489.

9. NFL+

For those on the move, NFL+ is a godsend. At just $7 per month, this mobile and tablet-exclusive platform replaced the NFL Game Pass, offering live streams of local and prime-time games. However, it’s essential to note its limitations, especially for fans wanting to stream on larger screens.

8. FuboTV

A sports aficionado’s dream, FuboTV offers a comprehensive sports package. From NBC to NFL Network, it covers all major channels, ensuring fans don’t miss out on any action. And for those seeking the ultimate experience, the Elite tier offers over 130 events in 4K resolution.

7. Fox Sports App

While not a complete replacement for traditional TV, the Fox Sports App ensures fans can catch Sunday afternoon and select Saturday games. However, a cable or satellite subscription is a prerequisite.

6. ESPN App

Monday nights are sorted with the ESPN App. Like the Fox Sports App, it requires a cable or satellite subscription. But once logged in, fans can enjoy a seamless streaming experience.

5. Amazon Prime Video

Thursday nights have never been better, thanks to Amazon Prime Video. As the exclusive platform for Thursday Night Football, Prime members can enjoy all the action at no additional cost.

4. Hulu + Live TV

Offering a blend of entertainment and sports, Hulu + Live TV is a top contender. With channels like CBS, NBC, and ESPN, it promises comprehensive NFL coverage. Plus, its competitive pricing gives it an edge over rivals.

3. Sling TV

Flexibility is the name of the game with Sling TV. Its Blue and Orange packages ensure fans have options, with channels like NBC, Fox, and the NFL Network on offer. And for those keen on Monday night games, the Orange & Blue plan is a must.

2. Paramount+

For fans of CBS broadcasts, Paramount+ is the platform to consider. With its dedicated sports hub, navigating to NFL games is a breeze.

1. Peacock

Sunday Night Football shines bright on Peacock. NBC’s streaming service offers nearly 20 matchups per season, ensuring fans are always in the loop.

VPNs and Watching Out-of-Market NFL Games

Geographical restrictions can dampen the spirits of many an NFL fan. However, with VPNs, these barriers can be bypassed, ensuring fans can catch every game, irrespective of their location.

Exploring Additional Streaming Options

While the aforementioned platforms dominate the NFL streaming landscape, several other services cater to niche audiences. Exploring these can often lead to discovering hidden gems that offer unique content or cost-effective packages.

NFL Game Pass International

For fans outside the US, the NFL Game Pass International is a boon. This service provides live streams of every game, including playoffs and the Super Bowl. Additionally, it offers on-demand replays, ensuring fans never miss a moment.


Popular in Canada, DAZN is a sports streaming service that offers NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL RedZone. Its comprehensive coverage ensures Canadian fans stay updated with all the action.

NFL on Mobile Networks

Several mobile networks, like Verizon, have partnered with the NFL to offer exclusive content to their subscribers. These deals often include streaming rights for local and prime-time games, making it a convenient option for fans on the move.


Is there a way to bypass blackout restrictions?

Yes, using VPNs can help bypass blackout restrictions, allowing fans to access content that might be restricted in their region.

Can I stream NFL games for free?

While several platforms offer free trials, streaming NFL games entirely for free is challenging. However, using antennas can provide access to local games without any charges.

Which platform offers the best streaming quality?

Platforms like YouTube TV and FuboTV are known for their high-quality streams, especially when paired with a robust internet connection.

Can I get NFL Sunday Ticket without DIRECTV?

Yes, with platforms like YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels, the NFL Sunday Ticket is accessible without a DIRECTV subscription.

What’s the difference between NFL+ and NFL Game Pass?

NFL+ is the league’s new streaming service, replacing the NFL Game Pass. While both offer live streams, NFL+ is exclusive to mobile and tablet devices.

Which platform offers the most comprehensive NFL coverage?

While no single platform offers complete coverage, a combination of YouTube TV, FuboTV, and NFL+ ensures fans don’t miss out on any action.


The world of NFL streaming is vast and varied. With numerous platforms vying for attention, fans are spoilt for choice. Whether it’s local games, prime-time matchups, or out-of-market action, there’s a platform tailored to every need. As technology continues to evolve, the future of NFL streaming looks brighter than ever.